See our services in Capacity Building, Project Identification, Project Management and Project Audit.

Capacity Building
  • Improvement of internal organisational structures
  • Definition of training requirements
  • Qualification of staff and training
  • Outsourcing of services
  • Evaluation of potential for optimization
  • Financial restructuring
  • Legal, institutional and personnel issues
  • Merger of organisational units
Project Identification and preparation
  • Evaluation of concepts
  • Formulation of projects
  • Planning of project activities
  • Terms of Reference
  • Tender Documents
Project Management
  • Coordination of activities
  • Improvement of internal organisational structures
  • Time and cost control
  • Site and execution supervision
  • Quality Management
Project Audit
  • Ex-Post-Evaluation
  • Final Project Audit
  • Evaluation Results vs. Planned Results
  • Evaluation costs and time frame
  • Recommendation for further action
Kenia - Coast Water Services Board
Tunesien - SONEDE (National Water Distribution Utility)
Bosnien Herzegowina - Vodovod i kanalizacija Bijeljina
Palästina - Municipality Nablus